Evaluation Reports Significant Achievements

Evaluation Reports Significant Achievements

In 2005 the Motor Accidents Authority of NSW (MAA) funded an independent evaluation of Positioned for Safety from which it was concluded that the:

"...plan has achieved credible outcomes and has contributed to the road safety of motorcyclists in NSW.

Additionally, there has been a shift from a reactive approach to one that is strategically oriented, by all stakeholders. An increasing role and commitment to motorcycle safety is evident from partner organisations, such as the MAA, IPWEA, RTA, Local Government and the Police Service.

The evaluation reveals an overwhelming support for the continuance of a strategic approach to “build on the successes” achieved. In part, this is supported by the recognition Positioned for Safety has achieved within NSW and Australia at an international level as a model to emulate". (D. Riches, 2005)

A full copy of the evaluation report can be downloaded here.

1. File description: Positioned for Safety Evaluation Report [335.2KB]

File name: Positioned_for_Safety_Evaluation-_FINAL_REPORT.pdf