The Motorcycle Council's Road Safety Website

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Welcome to the Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCC) road safety web site. This site is for riders and others with an interest in improving motorcycling safety.

The site is part of the MCC's strategic plan, Positioned for Safety, for a systematic approach to motorcycle safety based on evidence. Positioned for Safety is the result of consultation with riders, the motorcycle industry, road safety researchers, local government and state government agencies. It provides a framework and direction for the MCC and other stakeholders to improve road safety for motorcyclists.

The aim is to enable riders:
1. To become informed participants in the motorcycle safety debate.
2. To take part in setting the agenda and driving issues pro-actively on behalf of motorcyclists rather than simply reacting to government policy decisions.

The strategic planning process:
• Identified the key safety issues for motorcyclists in NSW
• Determined priorities and established objectives for the MCC and other stakeholders
• Identified strategies for addressing those issues
• Developed stakeholder support and participation in improving motorcycle safety
• Established a base for coordinated, long term planning for motorcycle safety.

The first plan was released in 2001. An independent evaluation found that it has resulted in an increased focus on motorcycle safety in NSW at the State and Local government levels as well as in the rider community (Riches, 2005). The MCC is now regularly consulted about motorcycle safety issues and represents riders' interests to government and policy makers. Other significant achievements include the development of this website, the expansion of Motorcycle Awareness Week and research commissioned into motorcycle protective clothing and rider fatigue.

The current plan, called Positioned for Safety 2010, was released in November, 2007. Copies can be downloaded from the Publications link below.

As a volunteer organisation, we are proud of what has been achieved through the first strategic plan and hope that this new plan will further contribute to safer motorcycling in NSW.

Guide to the site

Positioned for Safety set out a program of actions to address motorcycle safety from four perspectives. This website uses that format to provide information to riders and to others who are interested in motorcycle safety.

Safer Roads - WHO deals with poor road design or condition
Safer People - WHAT we know about motorcycle road safety
Safer Equipment - WHICH clothing and equipment will help to keep you safe
Safety Co-ordination - WHEN we work with other road users and government agencies.

The site also includes links and references to research about motorcycle safety issues.

Publications Links to download Positioned for Safety and other related documents.

Motorcycle crashes in NSW Links to the latest information on crash statistics.

News, research & events Links to recent information on motorcycle safety news, research & events.

Motorcycle Riding Gear Links to information for riders about choosing motorcycle protective clothing.

Gearing up - An industry seminar on Motorcycle Protective Clothing was held on 4th May 2005. The aim was to gain broad support for establishing a process to ensure motorcycle clothing sold in Australia will provide the level of protection from injury that is promised. Follow the links for a full report on the outcomes.

Current Projects - Information on motorcycle safety projects involving the MCC.

References to literature - Scientific and Technical Papers.