Safer Vehicles

Lights on in the rain

There have been significant technological advances in motorcycle tyres, brakes, lights and suspension in the past 20 years and intelligent vehicle features such as ABS have been developed. However there is no system in Australia for monitoring these developments or to evaluate the safety performance of different motorcycle models.

The relative merits and handling features of new developments for street-oriented, rather than track-oriented motorcycles could create a more informed market by providing guidance to riders and feedback to manufacturers.



Conspicuity is an issue in motorcycle crashes. The other driver is responsible in more than two out of three (70%) multi-vehicle crashes involving a motorcycle. See discussion on protective clothing and conspicuity Protection from SMIDSY for more information.

Audible conspicuity is one very useful tool in the armoury of a rider to make themselves conspicuous. The plea of motorcyclists for recognition of the value of audible conspicuity is often confused by non-motorcyclists with the small number of excessively noisy machines which do exist and which give a poor public image to all motorcyclists. While not advocating excessively noisy machines, a certain level of noise is regarded as a safety feature by many motorcyclist. Any proposed reduction in motorcycle exhaust noise needs to examine this carefully.

A motorcycle horn is essentially indistinguishable from a car horn and in heavy traffic, a car driver is likely to assume the horn to have come from a car which they have already seen. The unique signature sound of a motorcycle can draw the attention of otherwise oblivious road users, this is particularly important in congested city areas where pedestrians are more likely to step into the path of motorcycles.