Transport Planning and Facilites

Transport planners need to consider motorcycles as a separate and distinct class of road user. This is not just as a matter of equity, but also as a means of reducing traffic congestion. Motorcycles are an effective means of transport with many advantages although with a high level of vulnerability. The advantages of motorcycles as a means of transport include:

  • More efficient road space utilization
  • More efficient parking space utilization
  • Lower wear and tear of roads
  • Reduced emissions
  • Faster access
  • Increased mobility

Road authorities need to include motorcycles in traffic counts and traffic management surveys. The potential contribution of traffic engineering, road construction and maintenance to improve road safety for motorcyclists are only beginning to be addressed. Special provisions area already made for bicycles and pedestrians, but not yet for motorcyclists in Australia.

The benefits of advanced stop lines and motorcycle exclusive lanes has been demonstrated in Indonesia and Malaysia. In Malaysia a 39% reduction in crash levels was associated with the installation of a motorcycle exclusive lane. Two stop lines at large intersections with the front line reserved for two-wheelers have also been introduced in some Belgian, Dutch, Japanese and Swiss towns.

Motorcycle facilities

Parking in urban centers is a significant planning issue. Many Local Councils include requirements for pedal cycle parking facilities in new developments but they rarely include motorcycle facilities. As a result, motorcycles are usually forced to use and pay for a complete car space which is wasteful of space and unnecessarily expensive.

Appropriate motorcycle parking facilities should have the following features:

  1. Level, well drained area
  2. Non-slip surface
  3. Good lighting
  4. Secure anchor points
  5. Storage facilities
  6. Bollards or other means of restricting access by other vehicles.


City of Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy and Action Plan

UK Department for Transport Advisory Brochure on the provision of motorcycle parking