Road Condition

expansion jointsSome hazards for motorcyclists are the result of wear and the deterioration of the road surface. Others are created unintentionally by use of road treatments that do not take account of the special handling characteristics of a motorcycle.

Roads with these features may be perfectly safe for most road users, but even at low speed can cause a loss of traction and a potential skid hazard for a motorcycle.

Road conditions that create
hazards for motorcyclists include:

steel plates

  • Bumps and depressions
  • Corrugated or rippled tar surface
  • Over hanging branches
  • Painted road marking
  • Parallel grooving
  • Pavement edge drop off
  • Raised pavement.
  • Smooth steel plate covers
  • Steel deck joints.
  • Timber bridges
  • Unsealed patches

What can you do to improve the roads for all riders by reporting road hazards when you seen them?